Timber construction


In its headquarters in Imst , Pfeifer produces since 1988 with the most modern production technology highly resistant glue-laminated timber (BSH) and BSH elements according to the highest quality standards.

We have developed know-how for decades improving to perfection the production of this diverse precision material. This way, in the centre of Europe is produced a versatile products for modern, demanding and cost-effective constructions.

With a production capacity of around

125,000 m³/year

we are one of Europe leading producer of glue-laminated timber.

BSH – a product with stable advantages


Diverse possibility in the design of timber constructions of any kind thanks to flexible widths, lengths and heights. Universal use. Diverse architectural arrangement possibilities.

Statically calculable and standardized

 Clearly defined material in terms of resistance and quality according to regulations with high availability thanks to standardized cross-sections.

  Reduced dead weight by high load capacity

Very good load capacity respect to its weight. This allows slim and cost-effective constructions.

form stability and dimensionally accurate

The glue-laminated timber allows the production of supporting components also for large spans. Thanks to the multilayer gluing, BSH is extremely dimensionally accurate, form stable and crack free.

Easy to process

Short assembly time thanks to prefabrication, simple implementation details, fast to assemble.

resistant to chemicals

BHS is particularly fit for constructions exposed to chemicals thanks to its natural anticorrosion property.

highly fire resistant

 Thanks to the corresponding measurement of components it is possible to reach the most common fire protection classes – safely and calculable.


BSH-beams decisively contribute to the space aesthetics and to the living and workplace quality. Pleasant indoor climate thanks to diffusible material. 


Timber construction


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This way BSH comes to life

The raw material comes from the company's own saw mills. The BSH production is based on technically dried and planed timber slats. They are machine sorted according to resistance and aesthetics, that allow the production of high load resistant and aesthetically high quality BSH beams.

Control is better

After the cut of board sections that reduce the rigidity, the slats are pressed with the help of finger jointing in a endless strand and bond in two high frequency presses parallel to fibre with a melamine resin glue to the BSH and then planed and gripped on 4 sides. Expert employees care about fixing possible timber defects in manual work. A optic scanner monitors every square centimetre of the finished BSH support and guarantees the best quality.

More infos on quality controls

Flexible production

Resin pieces from the BSH production – two high frequency presses – allow flexibility in the production of cross-sections and lengths. This way, beside standard packaging goods, also project-related orders can be processed and commissions can be assembled according to customer requests.

Pfeifer builds the future with

From the construction, trough the use up to the disposal, timber building produce between 58 and 71 percent less greenhouse gas compared to other houses.

In Austria a third of the yearly timber growth is sufficient to build all the buildings of one year in timber.

In each cubic metre of wood there is carbon deriving from around one tonne CO2 .