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General information on whistleblowing

Due to the so-called "Whistleblower Directive", an EU directive "for the protection of persons who report violations of Union law", companies above a certain size must set up a reporting channel for whistleblowers. The Pfeifer Group provides you with the attached form to report any violations confidentially.

The aim of this Directive is to help Union law to prevail by defining common minimum standards and to prevent harm to affected companies and individuals, as well as to the public, as well as to identify possible malpractices and violations of law at an early stage.

The Directive protects whistleblowers who submit reports of legal violations from negative consequences due to the submission of such reports. In particular, the following areas of law are covered by the scope of protection of the Directive: Product safety and conformity, environmental protection, data protection law, traffic safety, money laundering.

In the interest of the company's well-being, we ask you to report possible legal violations immediately.

Do you wish to report a violation of the law (e.g. data protection environmental protection law, product safety) or similar? You can report such a violation here.

Your details below will be treated confidentially, of course.

Information about the incident

Please use this field to comprehensively describe the matter you have observed.

Additional notes

Here, you can upload images for documentation purposes or other documents to help explain the matter. Permitted file types: JPG, PNG, PDF, Word (.docx). Maximum file size: 8 MB each
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Below, please state how you wish to be contacted and your contact data in case any additional questions come up.