100 % added value


The Pfeifer Group pursues the strategy of 100% added value from the raw material wood. And also a resource-saving circular economy.

But how does it work exactly?

Short transport routes.

For our products we use conifer wood from sustainable managed forests of Central Europe. The position of our sites next to forested regions ensures short transport routes.

The origin of round timber

Starting point saw mill

In our saw mills begins the finishing cycle: The first step consists in the debarking of round timber. Then we process it through optimized video editing into as much as possible sawn timber

We turn timber into eco-friendly products

Beside sawn & profiled timber, also further wood material are generated: single- & three-ply panels, formwork beams, glulam and shuttering panels and packaging timber.

To the products

No chip is left I: Pallet technology

The production process generates wood chips and sawdust. We turn them into pressboard blocks. They find a further appropriate and
CO2binding application in modern wooden pallets.

The Euroblock products 

No chip is left II: Sustainable fuels

Sawdust is turned also into CO2neutral timber pellet and briquettes. This high efficient energy source produces just as much CO2 as absorbed by trees during their growth.


Final energy wonder

The concept of cascade use is implemented consequently by us: Chips are processed in modern biomass power plants in CO2neutral heating. Part of this energy dries our timber. The resting heating drives as steam our turbines to produce power. This is fed as green power into the public network.

Energy and green power

Raw material + 100% recycling = sustainability

Raw materials and sustainability