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Pfeifer Holding GmbH
Fabrikstraße 54 · A-6460 Imst, Austria
T + 43 5412 6960 0

Managing director: 

  • Clemens Pfeifer
  • Michael Pfeifer
  • Ewald Franzoi

Object of the company: management of shareholdings
Supervisory authority: District administration Imst
Companies court Innsbruck
Company register number: 202251d
Company seat: Imst
VAT No. ATU61491709

Concept and design
West Werbeagentur GmbH, Imst

The West ad agency in Imst, Tirol is one of the leading graphic and design companies of the country. The core areas of the activity are: Corporate design, logo development, brochure and book design, corporate publishing, illustration, information graphic, web design and design and creation of complex web sites.

Programming and hosting
Cookis GmbH, Imst

Cookis Webworks in Imst, Tirol develops high-quality technical solutions for the Internet. With the Cookis Bakehouse Artist it was developed an innovative Typo3 extension that allows for the first time to maintain we sites in front end.

The site was developed with the Content Management System Bakehouse .

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