Single- & three-ply panels
Formwork beams
Shuttering panels

Imst (Austria) is the foundation location of the Pfeifer Group and it is the seat of the company headquarters. Pfeifer employees here in the Tyrolean Oberland 560 people and exports from Imst into 90 countries.

From Imst to the entire world

At the headquarters, beside the company management, there are, among others, also central divisions such as sale, logistics, round wood purchase, finance/administration or IT and the human resources division. 

In the three factories in Imst we produce shuttering panels, formwork beams, glulam, wood briquettes and  pellets. The glulam factory is one of the most modern in Europe.

Product fields and year capacities in the three plants of Imst

Pfeifer Holding GmbH
Fabrikstraße 54
A-6460 Imst

Phone: +43 5412 6960 0
UID: ATU61491709

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Gründung 1948
Mitarbeiter: 130


The formwork experts

Yearly capacities:
Shuttering panels: 4 millions m²
Formwork beams: 6 millions linear metres
Timber briquettes: 25,000 t

Production at the plant since 1971
Employees: 220


Glue-laminated wood know-how
and solid wood panels

Yearly capacities:
Glue-laminated timber: 200,000 m³
Single and three-ply panels: 2 millions m²
Wood pellets: 25,000 t

Production at the plant since 1988
Employees: 210

From small saw mills to one of the most significant players in the European timber industry: The foundation stone for the successful development of the Pfeifer Group was set in the Tyrolean location of Imst, where nowadays the main site is still located.

The foundation year

The company founder Barbara Pfeifer puts in 1948 a custom cutting saw mill in service. During that time – and in a sector that was thoroughly dominated by men – it was a unique act of self-determination.

What followed in the following decades was a business life performance together with Barbara Pfeifer’s children Oskar, Fritz and Bernhard. Out of the family pioneer spirit one of the larger and leading companies of the European timber industry developed.

The change begins

From saw mill to finishing: The brothers Oskar and Fritz walk for the first time along the path of sawn timber finishing. The value chain from round wood goes beyond the sole custom cutting activity. The production of shuttering panels in Imst starts.

Extended product range

The next step to expand the product range - the production of single and three-ply panels begins.

The first glue-laminated timber factory

Pfeifer established the first glue-laminated timber factory of the Pfeifer Group.

News: Formwork beams

For the first time in Imst formwork beams are produced.

Technical highest performance

Pfeifer manages in Imst the first glue-laminated timber factory worldwide with an output of more than 100.000 m³. 

First energy product 

In the framework of a closed added value cycle and optimal use of resources, Pfeifer starts to produce timber pellets out of the rests of sawdust in Imst.

New home

Pfeifer builds its new headquarters in timber construction. Management and administration find a new and modern home under the same common roof. The building reaches in the category of “Industrial construction” the 1st position in the assignment of the Austrian timber construction awarding.

Modernization I

Pfeifer invests massively in its glue-laminated timber plant. The production capacities are decisively increased, the production procedures are arranged in a much more efficient way. 

Modernization II

Pfeifer modernizes its solid wood panels production in Imst and increases the capacity to 2 millions m² per year.

Modernisation III

After renewed investments, the glulam plant is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe.

Annex Headquarters

The company headquarters will be expanded with 40 modern offices, meeting and recreation rooms in a wooden construction. This brings the entire administration in Imst back together closely.