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Logistics plays a decisive role in the Pfeifer Group. The demand oriented organization of goods flows and goods transport deserves our special focus, it is the central cornerstone of our performance.

Expert specialists at the factory

Regulates incoming goods, fluid distribution processes and reliable shipment of our products al over the world is organized by a team of experts of qualified logistics specialists. Two central organization points for disposition are at our headquarters in Imst as well as at our seat in Unterbernbach.

Exchange with freight companies

 An active communication with our freight companies ensures the basic efficiency of the purchase and distribution logistics. Beside digitalised platform management, we rely on the personal exchange in the form of direct contact, foe example in the framework of own freight company meetings. This closeness guarantees punctuality and reliability. However, also flexibility above all as essential prerequisite of a successful work in the world of modern goods management.


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Pfeifer Logistics

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Pfeifer logistics in figures

About 1,090

Loads per day


permanent shipment partner


Loads in intermodal transport per year

Climate active award for intermodal engagement

In 2016, the Pfeifer Group contributed to save 1,940,000 kg CO₂ thanks to intermodal transport. Further 24 million kg CO₂ are obtained in total thanks to the use of railway logistics. We have been assigned the climate active quality seal of the Austrian Federal Ministry for agriculture and forestry, environment and water management (BMLFUW).

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