Passion for timber

Passion for the sustainable
raw material wood

Since its foundation in 1948 by Barbara Pfeifer, sustainability has been firmly anchored in Pfeifer's DNA. As early as the 1990s, we added biofuels to our product portfolio. This means that 100 percent of the raw material used can be further processed to other products.

We offer 2,600 employees at our sites in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Finland a reliable job in an industry that is part of the solution toward a CO₂-neutral Europe.

Baustelle mit CLT der Pfeifer Group

Our products ensure the long-term binding of CO₂ for the construction and logistics industries, and through the manufacture of biofuels and the production of green electricity and heat based on biomass, we support the substitution of fossil fuels.

Based on the sustainable raw material wood, Pfeifer makes an active contribution to the decarbonization of society with its products.

100% of our production takes place in European countries with the highest occupational safety standards.

100% of the processed raw material wood comes from sustainable management of European forests from around 3,500 suppliers.

We produce around 300,000 MWh of green electricity per year at our sites.*

We produce around 900,000 MWh of heat from biomass per year at our sites.*

We ensure that around 3,500,000 metric tons of CO₂ remain sequestered in our products each year and around 600,000 metric tons of CO₂ are saved through the biofuels we produce.*

We source around 95% of our operating materials and plant components from suppliers who are based in the EU and therefore work to high social and environmental standards.*

Our products are awarded with the leading certificates – PEFC, CE certificates, ETA, IPPC, ENPlus, DIN CERTCO, etc. – thus ensuring high quality and environmental standards.

* Pfeifer Group continues its successful growth and has acquired the Finnish wood processor Pölkky Oy. The facts listed refer to the time before the acquisition of Pölkky Oy. We will update the facts about our sustainability efforts soon.