Corner pillars of our

Pfeifer attaches great value on optimally arranged processes. Raw material purchase, further processing, warehouse management, distribution and logistics are constantly optimized.

So we ensure product quality, supply security, efficiency and cost transparency. We guarantee our own and therefore the competitiveness of our customers.

Guaranteed source of supply of raw material wood

We have been fostering sustainable relationships with suppliers for years. Forestry businesses all over Central Europe build on our reliability. And we do on theirs.

The purchase of round wood is therefore 100% secured.

Own sawmills

High performance saw mills of our own ensure the permanent supply of our production units and on-demand warehousing for our customers. The strategically favourable position in forested regions ensures short supply routes.

Cut and ready to be processed timber remains always available.

processing and finishing

Our plants work in multiple-shift operation. All production lines are continuously fully occupied and ready to produce. An optimized maintenance cycle ensures the efficiency of our technology.

We are permanently in motion.

Competence and quality assurance

Pfeifer has a profound experience with the material wood thanks to its long standing history. A comprehensive quality assurance and control system is part of all processes. The company know-how is based on the training and continuing education of our employees.

We know exactly, what and why we do that.

Availability and shipment

We are efficient and economically strong enough to guarantee always sufficient delivery stock. The constant delivery capacity relieves our customers. The high quantity of shipped goods means that our products remain only for short tile in warehouse. And that they retain their value.

We can deliver, because we are efficient.

Optimized logistics and goods management

On worldwide sale markets we ensure just-in-time concepts. Based on refined logistic concepts, we keep a powerful supply chain in motion.

Our logistics