Glue-laminated timber

Product range and data

Here you can find all product infos on Pfeifer’s glue-laminated timber range

Product range


Type of woodspruce/fir
Strength categoriesGL24c /GL24h,
higher strengths on request: GL28c / GL28h / GL30c / GL30h / GL32c / GL32h
Widths 60 and 80 mm only for strength category GL24 cs
 Widths 220, 240, 260 and 280 mm only in strength category GL24
Qualityvisual quality (Si), industrial quality (NSi),
standard quality (Si unpatched)
Length6 to 24 m
Width60 to 280 mm (in a 20 mm grid), 60/80 mm; Width: made of separated goods
Heightup to 1,280 mm, in a 40 mm grid, intermediate heights on request
Lamella thicknessapprox. 40 mm
Size toleranceswidth/height: ± 2 mm (upon delivery),
length - 0 / + 5 mm or 0.1%
Cuts± 1 mm on request
Surfaceplaned on 4 sides, chamfered longitudinal edges
Wood moistureu = 12 ± 2%
Glueingmelamine resin glue, light glued joint, waterproof
Gross densityapprox. 450 kg/m³
Packagingpackage-wrapped/on request individually wrapped
Monitoring institutesHolzforschung Austria
Usage classesNK1, NK2
Product standardsManufacture according to EN 14080,
finger-jointing according to EN 15497
Automatic sortingaccording to EN14081
Assessibleclearly defined material according to strength and quality
Standardisedhigh availability through standardised cross-sections
Economicalthe high load-bearing capacity with low dead weight enables lean and economical constructions
Dimensionally stablethanks to multi-layer glueing, dimensionally stable and minimum cracking as well as easy to machine and universally applicable
Chemically resistantglulam timber is particularly suitable for chemically stressed constructions due to the natural corrosive resistance of wood
Highly fire-resistantassessable and safe compared to other construction materials
A 100% natural building materialfor a pleasant indoor climate and comfort