Perfection as standard

A high-tech

The production process

In the production process, the remaining and recycled wood is processed to the appropriate chip geometry. The technical drying subsequently provides for a wood moisture content of less than 5%. Subsequently, coarse and fine chips are glued, mixed and pressed into a stable continuous strand in a specially developed process. Finally, cutting is carried out according to the requirements and needs of the required log height.


Composite pallet blocks and packaging timber


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Sawmill & Mill

Cutting of the logs and subsequent cutting of the wood chips in the mill to an exactly defined size


Technical drying to the desired final moisture


Addition of glue and hardener

Compression of the material

into an endless strand


Capping to the desired block height and subsequent cooling of the blocks


Stacking and wrapping with protective film


The ecostar

Efficient resource management

The Pfeifer Group processes in its factory timber 100%. From the deriving saw by-products in various processes pellets, briquettes, energy for the power and heating production as well as Euroblock pallet blocks are produced. Presswood International uses also recycled timber to produce Euroblock pallet blocks. Therefore, pressboard blocks represent an important element of the closed recycling cycle.

Sustainability at Pfeifer

Total quality management
  • On-line measurement of the amount of chips used and checking of the mixing ratio
  • Continuous on-line checking of moisture
  • Check the size of the strand and the chip structure
  • Permanent monitoring of the amount of glue used
  • Monitoring the pressing parameters
  • 100% in-line examination of the weight and height of the blocks after capping
  • sVisual checking during cooling and palletiation