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Pallet blocks

Products must solve problems. This guideline is met by the Euroblock pallet block like no other product in the timber industry. And this for the past 40 years: The press board pallet block embodies the intelligent and efficient handling with resources as well as the force of innovation.

A brilliant idea conquers the packing universe

The history of the particle board block began in the 1970s. At that time, the pallet industry faced a fundamental challenge: The demand for squared timber was great, cheap raw material was hardly available. At the same time there was an abundance of sawdust, which was often even disposed of. The resourceful entrepreneur and Anton Heggenstaller finally came up with the idea of using the alleged waste and thereby solve the supply problem.

Euroblock Industry leader

With four production plants and six sales outlets, Euroblock covers a market share of approx. 42% for composite pallet blocks. Due to the large production capacities as well as the direct access to raw materials, the company offers the highest level of delivery reliability.


Euroblock supports the gentle handling of natural resources. By utilizing the residue from the wood processing and the use of recycled wood, the particle board block perfectly complements the existing production and recycling cycle. The remaining wood for the Euroblock composite pallet block exclusively comes from sustainably cultivated local forests. Every year, more wood grows in Europe than that which is extracted. This and the efficient use of resources ensure that the renewable raw material remains available and usable to future generations.


This is what Euroblock produces annually from sawmill by-products and recycled wood. As a result, around 2.2 million tonnes of logs are saved every year - this equals 3 million trees.

Through the use of Euroblock composite pallet blocks, these trees can be used elsewhere - for example, in home and furniture construction - or even be saved.

Our renewable
Raw material timber


The Pfeifer Group processes in its factory timber 100%. From the deriving saw by-products in various processes pellets, briquettes, energy for the power and heating production as well as Euroblock pallet blocks are produced. Presswood International uses also recycled timber to produce Euroblock pallet blocks. Therefore, pallet blocks represent an important element of the closed recycling cycle.


Composite pallet blocks and packaging timber


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Reliable partner

Under the umbrella of Euroblock Verpackungsholz GmbH, two successful companies from the European wood industry come together: Pfeifer Holz (DE) and Presswood International (NL). The partnership has always guaranteed excellent know-how, comprehensive service and diversity in the product segment. Decades of experience in the production of composite pallet blocks and packaging timber enable Euroblock to meet all customer requirements optimally.