pfeifer pellets

The fuel
of a new generation


Wood pellets show a decisive advantage: the raw material they are made of grows again and again. For Pfeifer timber is each tree a precious resource. Therefore we use for the production of Pfeifer pellets exclusively sawdust and wood shavings that are produced in our own saw mills while cutting. This ensures raw material supply always in the long term. For our pellets, no further tree needs to fall.

From an economic point of view

pellets are a convenient comfort fuel that not only is CO2-neutral and that generates heat in an eco-friendly way, but also represent a valid alternative to fuel oil or gas. The eco-friendly clean way to heat is also characterized by an high economic attractiveness. The standardized quality with the EN plus certification guarantees a high heat value. A tonne of pellets is equal to the calorific value of roughly 500 litres of heating oil.


Pellets are produced out of renewable raw material and show an excellent energy balance. The production of pellets out of saw side products requires only a fraction of energy that is accumulated in the pellets. The energy demand to dry the sawdust is covered also by the residual heat of our wood thermal power stations, mainly lighted with bark coming from our saw mills. Therefore the production of wood pellets is considered almost CO2-neutral.

Climate neutral

Pellets generate only a quantity of CO2 that is absorbed by trees during their growth from the atmosphere. Therefore it is particularly important to us that the wood comes from sustainably managed regional forests, as this is considered CO2-neutral. A careful handling of the precious raw material wood - a commitment that we implement consistently. Heating with pellets gives a precious contribution to climate protection and to contrast the greenhouse effect.

Clean in transport

as a natural, local energy resource, pellets leave the smallest environmental footprint. The energy demand for the transport of pellets is for example less than half percent of the energy content of the supplied pellets for a distance of 100 km.

Comfortable and clean

Pellets are simple in stocking and application. Thanks to high quality standards and multiple screening of the Pfeifer Pellets, a free of dust blowing in is possible. The Pfeifer pellets are rightly considered the design wood fuel on the market. Modern pellet heating systems are highly comfortable to be used and are characterized by a particularly low emission.

In 2016, Pfeifer pellets were elected
by a leading Italian consumer test magazine as
the best pellets in Italy.