Passion for Timber



Product features

5 – 40 mm
Ideal for automatic fuel tran sport, dosed consumption,
adjustable flames and temperature
6 mm
High concentration, no cracks
Guarantees trouble-free and easy
operation of the heating system
High energy value~4,9 kWh/kg (2 kg wood pellets = ca. 1 l heating oil)High energy yield, good
price-performance ratio
Residual moisture< 8 %Minimal pollutant emissions,
heat costs and environment friendly heating
Bulk weight> 650 kg/rm (6 tonnes in 8 m³ storage space)Saves storage space and transport costs
Ash content< 0.7 %for much more heating comfort
Tested according to ENplus A1 High application reliability,
consistently high quality with every delivery and from all plants


Pieces of 15 kg

Big Bags of 1000 kG


Quality assurance

Inner quality management and active monitoring by the Timber research Austria and German Pellet Institute DEPI guarantee a constantly high quality.

All production sites meet the EN14961-2 standard and are ENplus A1 certified.

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