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Climate protection

Pfeifer Group was awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for its “Competence in Climate Protection.”

Climate change is no longer a utopia because its effects are already visible on our entire planet. Effective counter-measures are urgently needed at both political and economic levels. Climate protection is the keyword - by now a subject on everyone's lips. This problem can only be alleviated by gearing our social and economic system towards energy efficiency and sustainability. However, such an undertaking can only be achieved if more and more people play an active role in shaping up this transformation process.

Climate protection as an opportunity

A strong impetus in this direction was provided by a “Klimaaktiv” (climate-friendly) initiative, launched by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management in 2004, which, as part of the Austrian climate strategy, is committed to active climate protection through the implementation of relevant measures and the rapid, extensive introduction of climate-friendly technologies and services into the market. In so doing, and thanks to the fact that, in this initiative, climate change is seen not only as a threat, but primarily as an opportunity for reorientation, “Klimaaktiv as a climate-friendly philosophy builds a bridge between politics, economy and society in the form of a modern governance approach, thus impacting so strongly on the economy and our everyday lives.

This initiative is keen to bring energetic project partners on board. One of them is the non-profit association “Österreichische Energieagentur” (Austrian Energy Agency) which implements target-group oriented actions in the fields of building & renovation, energy saving, renewable energies and mobility, fully in line with the “klimaaktiv” approach.

Pfeifer as a “climate active” mobile partner

Furthermore, the Pfeifer Group strongly promotes the climate protection as “climate active” mobile Partner in the framework of the action and planning programme “Mobility management for companies, builders and fleet operators” by giving a substantial contribution to the reduction of CO 2emissions in the atmosphere. The “climate-friendly”, mobile initiative shows how companies can dramatically contribute - without major restrictions - to mitigating climate change by using energy-saving, clean and climate-friendly vehicle fleets or means of transport. Despite this, one-third of total energy consumption is attributable to transport in Austria. This not only affects our wallet but, above all, also our climate and environment.

Easier said than done

As a first step in this direction, three diesel-powered forklift trucks were replaced by electricity-operated vehicles, whereby CO2and particle emissions into the air could be significantly reduced and diesel consumption set to zero. Further electrical forklift trucks are being purchased. Forklift trucks operate in two shifts performing 2,900 operating hours per year. This exemplary measure was honoured by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry by awarding Pfeifer Group for its outstanding “Competence in Climate Protection”.