CLT - Cross laminated timber


PFEIFER CLT is the future

Wood: the jack-ofall-trades in building

CLT is entering all areas of application in building construction. Full or partial CLT solutions allow for swift and economical construction, especially when it comes to municipal or commercial lighthouse projects and multi-storey residential buildings.

Apart from that, densification of metropolitan areas is becoming more and more important. In this field the pre-manufactured, dry construction method with short construction times and a relatively light material again yields massive advantages compared to traditional building materials. In single-family homes, CLT lifts a family’s individual quality of living to a new level. The hotel industry, too, benefits from the stand-out aesthetic features of PFEIFER CLT.

Municipal construction projects

Efficiency with a feel-good factor: Community offices, schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, multi-generation living concepts, event, culture and sport centres, ...

Commercial / office buildings

Reputation and work place quality: Company buildings, headquarters and branches, office buildings, open-space concepts, modular work place solutions, markets, logistics centres, ...

Residential construction / residential complexes

When costs and speed are factors: Singleand multi-storey buildings of every height, densification of all types, housing estates, modular concepts, generational living, social housing, urban development variety, ...

Single-family homes

Individual architectural design possibilities: Single-family, semi-detached and terraced houses, partial or complete solutions with walls, ceilings and roofs, visible quality, positive indoor climate and aesthetics, ...

Hotel industry

From guest houses to 5-star hotel villages: The entire architectural spectrum of hotel construction, new construction, adding storeys, extensions, exterior and interior design, living experiences, wellness areas, ...

Special buildings

Swift and economical construction, even in combination with special requirements towards building construction and interior design: Garden houses, towers, trade fair booths, furniture, structures of all types, ...