Sawn & profiled timber

Sawn timber

From trunk to board. We produce high quality main and side goods sawn timber such as boards, beams and square timber for industrial further processing as well as cut for the packaging industry.

Raw material close supply

Our plants are located in the forest rich regions of Europe. Our round timber from certified sustainable managed forests is comes from trimming places that are maximum 150 km away in linear distance. This raw material close supply , our highly modern saw mills and a powerful cooperation of our distribution and production sites ensure availability and deliverability. All over the world. Just-in-time.

Tree trunks with family tree –  Our round wood comes from sustainable forestry

Video editing optimization

A video editing optimization before the cut guarantees that every tree trunk is used as best as possible. The cut itself – in standard dimensions or customized – is performed on very modern chipper-profiling-saw lines exclusively in circular saw cut. This guarantees smooth surfaces, cut accuracy and size accuracy. 

Pfeifer sawn timber is available as fresh, technically dried and planed timber. 

Best possible use

A video editing optimization before the cut guarantees
that every tree trunk is used as best as possible.

Good sorted

In our efficient sorting plants life long trained employees work, supported by modern scanner-technology. This way highest standards in terms of quality and efficiency are met. The visual sorting takes place directly after the cut. According to intended use, the sorting is performed according to visual criteria following general valid sorting rules according to quality standards that remain always the same.

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Fresh and dried

Pfeifer sawn timber is available both fresh or dried in special drying chambers according to the needed timber moisture content. This is for example strictly necessary for export packaging. Drying is performed specifically according to customer requests.

Product range and data

The substantial benefits of Pfeifer sawn timber

Supply security

thanks to sites in very forested areas, efficient production lines and long term, regional supplier relationships.

Video editing optimization

for the optimal use of each tree trunk

Cut exclusively in round saw cut

on highly modern link and EWD chipper-profiling-saw lines

Visual sorting

in efficient sorting plants, supported by modern scanner-technology.

Constant quality and chamber-dried goods

Technical drying according to customer needs

Rapid and constant supply capacity

thanks to a constant warehousing in all supply factories and high efficient logistic mix