Pfeifer wood briquettes are an highly effective wood material and represent a eco-friendly alternative to traditional firewood.

Refinement into biofuels

The sawdust deriving from our saw mills is transformed into high quality wood briquettes - an eco-friendly valid and cost-effective meaningful biofuels. The moisture content and stiffness remaining the same over 1,2 kg/dm³ ensure an high energy content and a fast burning free of smoke. Thanks to their high stiffness, Pfeifer briquettes have very long lasting embers, therefore they ensure a long lasting pleasant heat.

The smart heating

Free of pollutants and emissions

Environmentally friendly and economically recommendable

Briquettes burn rapidly without smoke.

Without biding agent nor additives

Briquettes are stackable in packaging and can be stored in the smallest space and in a clean way.

Each briquette is of the same size, the same drying level and has an high energy value.

The rounded form of Pfeifer wood briquettes with an hole in the centre ensure an optimal burning process.