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  • Low in pollutants and emissions
  • Ecologically sensible and economically recommended
  • Burns almost without smoke
  • Without binders or additives
  • Briquettes can be packed, stacked and stored cleanly in the smallest of spaces
  • Each briquette has the same size, the same dryness and the same high energy value
  • The round shape of briquettes with their distinctive hole in the middle ensures an optimal combustion process
  • Protect briquettes from moisture during transportation and storage 
  • The compacted chips expand during heating. We recommend breaking up the briquettes twice or thrice 

Technical data

  • Briquettes comply with ÖNORM EN ISO 17225-3 and DIN PLUS
  • Austria quality mark
  • Energy value: > 4.9 kWh/kg (2 kg briquettes = 1 litre of heating oil)
  • Residual moisture 8%
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 92 mm, length ~ 29 cm, diameter of the hole in the middle: 22 mm


of 10 kg

100 packages of 10 kg = 1.000 kg = 1 pallet