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  • Free of pollutants and emissions
  • Environmentally friendly and economically recommendable
  • Briquettes burn rapidly without smoke.
  • Without biding agent nor additives
  • Briquettes are stackable in packaging and can be stored in the smallest space and in a clean way.
  • Each briquette is of the same size, the same drying level and has an high energy value.
  • The rounded form of briquettes with an hole in the centre ensure an optimal burning process

Technical data

  • Briquettes fulfil ÖNORM M 7135 and DIN 51731
  • Austrian quality seal
  • Energy value: > 4,9 kWh/kg (2 kg briquettes = 1 litre heating oil)
  • Remaining moisture 8%


of 10 kg

100 packages of 10 kg = 1.000 kg = 1 pallet

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