Win-win for Pfeifer and its logistics partners

Operating eight locations in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic the Tyrolean family business supplies customers in Europe and all over the world with high-quality wood products. To do this, it relies on a powerful logistics mix of truck, rail and ship. For road transport in particular, Pfeifer is looking for additional freight partners for long-term cooperation.

Container shortages, supply bottlenecks, driver shortages, rising operating costs: The pandemic has created new problems in the logistics sector and intensified existing ones. Companies and freight forwarders alike are fighting a number of challenges in their daily work to maintain the flow of goods for the benefit of their customers. A battle that can be better fought by joining forces.

Trustworthiness goes a long way

Thomas Staudinger, Logistics Manager at the Pfeifer Group, knows the value of good relationships with logistics service providers. In an area where things often have to move quickly and flexibility is everything, Pfeifer relies on consistency. “To a large extent, the handover process to our customers shapes the image of Pfeifer. For the transport of our products, we therefore prefer to rely on proven partners with whom we work together on a long-term basis,” Staudinger explains the company's philosophy. This also includes the kind of trustworthiness that, in turn, distinguishes Pfeifer as a reliable partner. Currently around 250 freight forwarders regularly drive for Pfeifer and value the company as an attractive client that powers through tough times..

In logistics – as in all other fields of business – flexibility and consistency are the essence of successful business partnerships.

Freight forwarders are friends that come with a lot of advantages

Run by the third generation of the same family, Pfeifer takes an active communication stance toward its logistics partners. What does this mean? In addition to digitalised platform management, Pfeifer cultivates direct, personal exchange at eye level with the freight forwarders. Fixed agreements and fair prices create a win-win situation for all parties involved. Fixed contracts and bookable time slots for loading at the locations enable the freight forwarders to better calculate and plan.

Fixed agreements and fair prices create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Additional benefits: Orders are processed in a straightforward way via platforms thanks to digitised processes. Invoices are also transmitted digitally and paid quickly. Last but not least, the truck drivers receive genuine appreciation for their important work at the Pfeifer loading terminals.

Truck transport on track

According to experts, the situation on the logistics sector remains tense. Even though the supply chain situation should ease up in the second half of 2022, the shortage of truck drivers will remain acute for years to come and drive a general increase in logistics costs. Nevertheless, Pfeifer will continue to handle a good portion of its procurement and shipping by truck because by no means all locations or routes qualify for a switch to rail.

“We won’t be able to do without trucks in the future. However, for reasons of cost and environmental protection, empty trips must be avoided as far as possible. By fully loading the trucks and thanks to clever route planning and reliable partners, we can already operate very efficiently and sustainably today.”

Avoiding empty trips by fully loading the trucks and smart route planning.

In the same direction

How well companies get through the crisis depends on their willingness to cooperate. And that is especially true for the logistics sector, the bottleneck for growth and economic success. That's why Pfeifer is constantly expanding its pool of hauliers to include partners who are literally going in the same direction. Pfeifer wood products are delivered throughout Europe, with the main markets being in the DACH region and Central Europe as a whole. A wide variety of routes are available, from short-haul within Germany to classic long-haul trips to the Iberian Peninsula.

A wide variety of routes are available, from short-haul to long-haul.

“This can open up entirely new opportunities for freight forwarders. We are looking forward to interested logistics professionals to get into contact with us,” Staudinger invites parties to contact Pfeifer at Additional information at