Pfeifer is part of the respACT platform

With the latest growth step to Finland, the Pfeifer Group has strengthened its foundation for long-term economic success. At the same time, by becoming a member of respACT, Austria's leading corporate platform for responsible business, she is setting a visible sign of the high priority of sustainability at Pfeifer.

respACT pursues the goal of informing, networking and promoting corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a topic leader in Austria. Recently, the Pfeifer company has also become a member of the renowned sustainability platform. Alexander Kainer, COO of Pfeifer Holding, zu the reasons: "respACT is our first point of contact when it comes to sustainable business, because we share the vision and the goals of the platform one hundred percent. As a member, we benefit from the exchange with other companies from different industries and appreciate the comprehensive further education offered by respACT.“

Alexander Kainer

COO of Pfeifer Holding

"respACT members are active designers who also want to recognize and implement opportunities in the process of change"

Gleisanschluss am Werk Lauterbach der Pfeifer Group

Pfeifer is increasingly focusing on the railway as a transport alternative. The volume of goods transported by freight trains and intermodal transport has increased continuously in recent years.

A unifying vision of sustainable business

The 380 members of respACT combine market-oriented thinking and acting with the associated ecological and social requirements. Like all companies that have joined respACT, Pfeifer wants to take on the social responsibility of building a sustainable business world. "respACT members are active designers who also want to recognize and implement opportunities in the process of change", call Kainer important parallels. Through effective Networking through the platform, members are guided to learn with each other and from each other in order to effectively solve ecological, social and economic challenges.

Sustainability focus at Pfeifer

The passion for the sustainable raw material wood has been inscribed in Pfeifer's DNA for 75 years. Already in the 1990s, the wood processor supplemented the product portfolio with biofuels and was thus able to utilize 100 percent of the raw material used. In addition to the closed value chain, sustainable purchasing relationships and an employee-friendly corporate culture form the basis of success.

In recent years, sustainability has been firmly anchored in the corporate strategy with its own sub-strategies with a sustainability focus (innovation strategy, energy and environmental management strategy, sustainability strategy). In addition, the organizational anchoring of CSR-relevant aspects such as energy and environmental management, occupational safety, personnel development, etc. Pfeifer is currently undergoing the sustainability certification process at EcoVadis in order to underline the importance of sustainability efforts for his partners.

Along the entire value chain, the incised wood is 100% recycled and processed into sawn timber, planed goods, formwork panels and beams, cross-laminated timber, glued laminated timber, solid wood panels, pallet blocks, briquettes, pellets and bio electricity.

"We have defined concrete strategic projects, such as the targeted reduction of our CO2-Emission“, Kainer reports. Additional go to focus CO2-Saving or increasing energy efficiency in the production area, there is a focus on the aspect of "social" (CSR). This is promoted by means of occupational safety, personnel development programs, leadership development programs with a CSR focus, etc. All activities in the field of CSR and sustainability are listed in the Pfeifer CSR profile on listed below.

About the Pfeifer Group

The Austrian Pfeifer Holding GmbH was founded in 1948 and is now family-run in the third generation. It employs 2,600 people at 13 locations in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Finland. The company headquarters are located in Imst (Tyrol/Austria). In the fully integrated sawmills of the Group, around 5.4 million solid meters of wood are cut annually and processed along the entire value chain into sawn timber and planed goods, concrete formwork panels, formwork girders, cross laminated timber (CLT), glued laminated timber, glued solid wood panels as well as pallet blocks, briquettes, pellets and bio electricity.