Pfeifer expands its activities in Europe. The objective: 650 million Euros turnover.

The Pfeifer Holding, one of the leading players of the European timber industry with main seat in Austria, has good growth perspectives also in 2017. The Tyrolean family business plans for next year a turnover growth of about three percent. The focus of sales activities lies strongly on Europe.

The international finance market crisis and the rapid development of the market situation have changed the wood sector during past years. Thanks to a balanced product range, high flexibility and reliable relationships in the wood and construction material trade, Pfeifer has succeeded despite the crisis. 628 million Euros is the turnover of the Pfeifer Holding GmbH in 2016. 82 percent of profits relate to the six main markets – Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. The remaining 18 percent comes from 84 countries all over the world. In the next years, the European market share should be expanded to 90 percent. With its 2,000 employees, the Pfeifer group operates in eight facilities in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.

CEO Michael Pfeifer and its sale team at the fair stand in Munich. Totally there were 15 sale female employed ladies for customer and partner assistance at the Pfeifer’s fair stand on site. from the left: Robert Giugni, Philipp Schranz, Hermann Egger, Michael Pfeifer, Hynek Mandula, Ibou-Kebe Diouf, Ingo Meitinger, Claus Greber, Gregor Triltsch.


“We expect a positive market development in Europe. The trend for wood continues. Many refugee accommodations are meanwhile built in wood and biofuels play a more and more important alternative role to oil and gas in the heat production. Above all they are used in Austria, Germany an Italy. We started there and we would like to increase our turnover this year by three percent, i.e. to 650 millions Euro“, declares Michael Pfeifer, CEO of the Pfeifer Holding GmbH, on occasion of „Bau München“. The world leading fair in the construction field that takes place every two years, is going to take place again from the 14th to the 19th of January 2017. Pfeifer traditionally exploits the fair as a platform for sale activities and to exchange of sector opinion leaders. More than 2.000 exhibitors from 42 countries will meet in Munich 250.000.

In 2017, Pfeifer aims at a growth by three percent. Main partner in this regard is the wood and biofuel trade.


Turnover perspectives for Pfeifer, however, do not regard just the construction sector. “Biofuels and above all pellet have become clearly more and more important in recent years. The trend is still growing”, says Pfeifer. At the moment, about 20 percent of turnover derive from the rapidly growing of the biofuel market, respectively 25 percent relate to sawn timber and packaging timber, including composite pallet blocks, 17 percent make concrete formwork and 13 percent wood construction products.


The success of the Tyrolean family business is explained by Ingo Meitinger, sales director at Pfeifer, among other things with the high flexibility and adaptability of the Pfeifer Holding. “From 2004 to 2008 we experienced a real wood boom in South-European countries, to which the industry has reacted very rapidly by expanding our capacities. The sale book during the international finance crisis led to a market adjustment. The ones, who were able to react in a sufficiently rapid way, survived.”


A substantial motivation for the new aimed focus on the European markets is represented by the politic insecurities. “Worldwide, Pfeifer wood products are synonymous of quality and are accordingly popular. Despite this, it is very hard to judge, how the markets, for example in Turkey, Ukraine, but also the US and Asia will develop in the future. Also therefore we rely on the traditional market”, so Meitinger.