Large photovoltaic project on the roofs of Pfeifer in Imst

The Pfeifer Group is currently building a photovoltaic system of impressive dimensions on four company buildings at the Imst site. Starting in autumn 2023, the plant is expected to generate up to 2.8 megawatts of peak power and produce environmentally friendly electricity, largely for the company's own use. The 2.6 million euro investment underlines the company's comprehensive sustainability efforts.

Since the beginning of July, installation work has been underway on a warehouse in Imsterberg. In August, work is to start at the company headquarters in Fabrikstraße and on two buildings in the industrial zone. In the process, a total area of over 16,000 square metres will be equipped with a total of over 6,000 PV modules. The solar park with a capacity of 2.8 megawatts peak would cover the electricity needs of approximately 900 households. "Around 80 percent of the electricity produced is intended for our own use, and we feed the rest into the public grid," say the two people responsible for the project, René Svatek, Head of Asset Management, and Yüksel Kodaman, Head of Combined Heat and Power at Pfeifer. The plant is being built exclusively with regional suppliers and is scheduled to go into full operation this autumn.

The roofs of the production halls in the Imst industrial zone offer great solar potential, which Pfeifer will exploit with the new photovoltaic system.

Electric vehicle fleet grows

When it comes to mobility, Pfeifer also focuses on the ecological option wherever possible. Along with the photovoltaic offensive, the electric vehicle fleet is being expanded. This year alone, Pfeifer has acquired six new electric service vehicles and three new electric pool vehicles for the Imst site. Numerous electric forklift trucks are already in use on the factory premises. They are gradually replacing diesel models throughout the company.

This year alone, Pfeifer in Imst has purchased six company vehicles and three pool vehicles, all with electric drives.

Sustainability is in the company DNA

The passion for the sustainable raw material wood has been driving Pfeifer for 75 years. As early as the 1990s, biofuels were added to the product portfolio, enabling 100 percent of the raw material used to be further processed. This comes exclusively from sustainably managed European forests. Based on the long-term binding of CO₂ in wood products and the substitution of fossil fuels with biofuels, green electricity and heat based on biomass, Pfeifer makes an active contribution to the decarbonisation of society with its products. Production takes place exclusively in European countries with the highest occupational safety standards. 95 % of the suppliers (operating materials, plant components) are also based in the EU.

Wherever possible, electric forklift trucks replace their diesel-powered colleagues. Less noise and emissions on the factory premises are the result.

About the Pfeifer Group

The Austrian Pfeifer Holding GmbH was founded in 1948 and is now family-run in the third generation. The family business employs 2,600 people at 13 locations in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Finland. The company headquarters are located in Imst (Tyrol/Austria). In the fully integrated sawmills of the group, around 5.4 million solid cubic metres of wood are cut annually and processed along the entire value chain into sawn timber and planed timber, concrete formwork panels, formwork beams, cross-laminated timber (CLT), glulam, glued solid wood panels as well as pallet blocks, briquettes, pellets and bioelectricity.