Full energy for the environment

Mitarbeiter bei der Befeuerung eines Kraftwerks in Lauterbach

As first and up to now only company in the timber industry in Austria, Pfeifer has voluntarily introduced an Energy management system according to ISO 50001. The optimized use of energy resources pays off - above all for environment and climate.

Six sites in Austria and Germany we are already certified according to EN ISO 50001 . And this happens, despite its voluntary application, also without any obligation for certification. However, as René SvatekHead of technical purchase and energy manager at the Pfeifer Group, points out: “We decided to make our Austrian sites compliant with this standard in addition to our German sites. In the end, many improvements and optimizations brought us the certification after a control audit”.

From the Initial Review to Controlling

Of course it is a priority also at the Pfeifer sites to reduce the energy consumption and to reduce pollution as for ex. CO₂ emissions as much as possible. But where to begin? René Svatek: “We had to perform an initial review, by assessing the entire energy cycle in the business together with all plants and processes in a systematic way as well as by answering to elementary questions such as:

Where does the energy come from?
What is it used for?
Where does it go?”

For this it was necessary to look at energy data, to calculate the substantial consumers and to analyse energy costs. Energy flowchartsthat show the consumption of energy resources and use in a transparent way, resulted particularly meaningful. Based on this stocktaking, for every sector concrete measure packages were taken and implemented by considering all energy and environment policy provisions and law regulations. Current controlling and permanent optimization of energy flows are obvious.

In the field of energy management there is not just the implementation of technical measures, but also strategic and organizational concepts. The permanent optimization of energy flows ensures cost savings and contributes strongly to environmental and climate protection.

Tree chips as well as remaining sawdust are processed in our own biomass power plants into CO₂-neutral heat and power.

Success factor employees

Each system is always as good as the peoplethat participate and operate them. Therefore great value is attached to the awareness rising and training of employees in the company regarding energy relevant aspects. Our own manual contains all energy management measures, relevant indexes, etc.. “Only this way it is possible to take internal measures for the control, correction and prevention. It is not possible to introduce and maintain the energy management system without the cooperation of everybody in the company”, says René Svatek. Pfeifer employees at every site show strong commitment. They identify and eliminate energy waste,they maintain plants and constantly introduce constructive ideas. “Therefore many thanks go to them!”, says the energy manager.

The focus is on the efficient use of power, heat, cold, diesel, pressurized air, etc.

Example of resource saving and eco-friendly heating technology

Pfeifer’s company headquarters in Imst/Tirol is heated with a modern pallet boiler. Pellets come from our own production. The performance data are continuously controlled.

“Environmental interests are very important to us, we want to manage our energy resources in the best way possible”.

Win-Win Situation

In addition to raw materials, personnel and logistics, energy are cost items at Pfeifer. “Only for this reason, the energy management according ISO 50001 makes sense. Above all the environments benefits from that. As international company we have in this sense a great responsibility. Environmental interests are very important to us, we want to manage our energy resources in the best way possible”.

Why ISO?

The EN ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 50001 offers concrete directives in the field of energy management,that are conform with this regulation. It solely represents the nominal condition. It remains a company task to weight and evaluate the single energy consumptions. The application od ISO 50001 is performed on a voluntary base.

“As energy manager, you are required to consistently look for new and efficient, systematic approaches for analysis and optimisation in the energy field.

René Svatek

is qualified process and environment expert and works at Pfeifer since 2012 for the technical and energy purchase.

“The energy that we do not use, must not be bought by us at an expensive price”.