Timber construction

Single- & three-ply panels

The Pfeifer Group produces since 1985 in its headquarters of Imst (A) and since 2016 at the site in Chanovice (CZ) single- and three ply panels.

Two supply plants and a interconnected logistics guarantee a rapid availability. A wide range of products allows diverse use and application possibilities in modern furniture construction, interior construction and structural timber construction.

With a production capacity of around

3.3 millions m²
Massive wood panels/year

we are one of the leading producer in Europe.

A product with versatile properties

form stability and dimensionally accurate

Through multilayer crosswise gluing they are rigid and dimensionally stable.

standardized and available

 Clearly defined material in terms of formats and quality (A, B and C quality) with high availability


Exact drying (wood moisture 8% ± 2%) and professional processing of the top slat and middle layer

load capacity and versatility

Good load capacity at a reduced dead weight Easy to process and processable in a versatile way


Balanced surface appearance thanks to an accurate sorting, large surface and to be laid endlessly

100% natural

 Pleasant and comfortable indoor climate thanks to diffusible material

Quality classes


Polished surface, free of cracks and joints, healthy solid grown branches, single black or black marked branches, single black or black marked branches up to max. 20 mm diameter, mends of black branches allowed, free of piths (except some), healthy timber, discolouration and fungal infestation not allowed, practically free of boxes (light box allowed)


Polished surface, free of joints, single fine cracks allowed, black branches and patchy branches (but no accumulations), single piths allowed, pitch pockets up to 5 x 50 mm, light box, single small bark pockets up to circa 1.5 cm are allowed.


Polished surface, patched up knotholes, in single panels small joints may appear (max. 2–3 mm), otherwise no particular quality specifications

Die neue Platten-Generation

3-schichtige Massivholzplatten mit Nut und Feder bedeuten eine innovative Weiterentwicklung des Produkts. Sie sind vielseitig einsetzbar und lösen elegant architektonische Herausforderungen im Holzbau und Innenausbau. Durch die Keil-Nut-Feder passen die Platten beim Verlegen perfekt ineinander und lassen sich besonders schnell montieren.

Product range

Environmental friendly material with high flexibility and aesthetic

All raw materials come from our own saw mills. From round timber to finished panels, our raw material wood is processed with modern, eco-friendly technology and a systematic quality assurance. An exact, automated wood drying procedure and the highest sorting standards are the base of our high quality panel material.

Product range