Pfeifer CLT in Europe's metropolitan centres

Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan ... The list of major European cities where Pfeifer CLT is being used, is growing steadily. We are proud to be involved in these projects and other forward-looking urban development projects.

Mooijburg Plein project in Amsterdam

An outstanding, sustainable housing project is currently under construction in the heart of Amsterdam. The project by Natrufied architecture, consisting of 15 residential units, will become a landmark of sustainable architecture. It covers all levels of sustainability thanks to the use of CLT wood components (engineering and assembly by Laminated Timber Solutions), high insulation standards, a naturalistic design, greenhouses on the roof and a rainproof construction with green roofs and water buffers. The building's façade was designed to visually reduce the size of the block and better blend in with the single-family homes on either side. The project is a co-creation project, which means that buyers are involved in the decision-making process about their homes and the entire complex from the beginning.

H14 project in Berlin’s Neukölln district

Together with Berliner Jungens, Siebeneck Architektur implemented the H14 residential and co-living project in Berlin’s Neukölln district. The existing building dating back to the turn of the century, which was in need of renovation, was replaced by a sustainable new building in timber construction. CLT wood components from Pfeifer were used for this purpose. Encompassing 1,212 m², the new building comprises 14 residential units and a co-working area, divided into a front building and a garden building.

Pfeifer CLT – A Success Story

In early 2020, Pfeifer started official sales at its newly erected CLT plant at the Schlitz site. The completion of the second expansion phase in June 2021 meant that production capacity could be doubled to 100,000 m3. With its CLT production capabilities, Pfeifer has entered an enormously dynamic market with lots of international potential apart from deepening activities on the core DACH markets and Italy.

Brettsperrholz (CLT) von Pfeifer

 Orders from the Benelux countries and France are increasing steadily. Pfeifer’s solid cross-laminated timber boards are also sought after among private, commercial and public clients. Due to increasing demands, the further development of the site is already planned.