Innovative timber construction project Timber Praha is built with Pfeifer cross laminated timber CLT

The Timber Praha project offers a healthy, sustainable living environment with high energy and cost efficiency.

In the flourishing Stodulky district of Prague, UBM Development Czechia is developing the Czech Republic's first sustainable apartment buildings in timber construction. Timber Praha project as part of the "Arcus City" residential complex, 62 residential units are being built, with the timber construction produced by the Austrian company ELK BAU. The CLT for "Timber Praha" comes from Pfeifer. Completion is planned for the end of 2024.

Construction work on the flagship project in the Stodulky district of Prague is in full swing.

The "Arcus City" housing project is designed to combine affordable living, a comfortable infrastructure and excellent transport connections to the city centre. The total of 270 flats, ten single-family houses and five shopping arcades will offer maximum energy efficiency in operation through the use of geothermal energy, heat pumps and photovoltaics.

Since June 2023, the Austrian company ELK BAU has been constructing four residential buildings with a total of 62 flats in sustainable timber construction for UBM Development as part of "Arcus City". Claus Greber, head of the timber construction division at Pfeifer, is pleased about the supporting role as a supplier for "Timber Praha": "Large projects like this show that CLT is the ideal building material also and especially in urban areas. The high degree of prefabrication, the fast construction method and the resulting lower ancillary costs speak for themselves.

Healthy living climate with cross laminated timber CLT from Schlitz

For the construction of the 62 flats, Pfeifer delivered 35 truckloads of 1,000 cubic metres of solid CLT panels for the load-bearing interior walls and ceilings to ELK BAU. In its state-of-the-art production facility in Schlitz in the German state of Hesse, the CLT producer can manufacture the elements on a project-by-project basis. High-performance joinery systems and powerful logistics guarantee successful order processing for construction projects of any size. Within a few years of entering the CLT market, Pfeifer was able to establish itself as a reliable partner for timber construction projects throughout Europe. Claus Greber sees the trend continuing to rise: "I am pleased to see the growing awareness of property developers, builders, architects and planners for the advantages of building with wood. This opens up enormous potential for timber construction in general and for us as a manufacturer.

Pfeifer’s capacities currently amount to up to 100,000 m³ of CLT annually. With this, we are very happy to help shape the future of building and living.

Pfeifer CLT meets the highest quality requirements and is used on timber construction sites throughout Europe.

35 truckloads of 1,000 cubic meters of solid CLT panels from the Schlitz factory were delivered to Prague.