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Shuttering panels and Formwork beams
The largest range of products, the largest choice

Shuttering panels
Our sorting diversity can satisfy any customer need: 21 mm and 27 mm shuttering panels with and without galvanized edge protection (C- or E-profile), 27 mm shuttering panels with or without edge band, solid timber profiles with edge protection (C-Profile) in dimensions of 20 mm, all in big and small size. The application possibilities go from ceiling boards to wall, bridge and tunnel formworks to work platforms


Formwork beams - PF20 & PF20plus
Both formwork beams PF20 and PF20plus play a supporting role in the largest construction sited of the world. Their trademark: Rounded beam edges and - in PF20plus – the notable protection caps. Formwork beams by the Pfeifer factory impress for their high form stability at a reduced weight. Consistent high quality and high supply capability are obvious to us.