Concrete formwork

Shuttering panels

The largest range of products, the largest choice

Our sorting diversity can satisfy any customer need: 21 mm and 27 mm shuttering panels with and without galvanized edge protection (C- or E-profile), 27 mm shuttering panels with or without edge band, solid timber profiles with edge protection (C-Profile) in dimensions of 20 mm, all in big and small size. The application possibilities go from ceiling boards to wall, bridge and tunnel formworks to work platforms.

With a production capacity of around

7 millions m²/year

we are the worldwide largest producer of shuttering panels

  • Type of wood: spruce / fir
  • Accurate to size and dimensionally stable
  • Time and cost-saving in machining
  • A long service life is guaranteed with proper treatment
  • Resistant surface treatment made of melamine resin (not 1-ply)
  • Suitable for construction sites for stacking with supporting timber
  • Water and weather resistant according to EN 13353 (SWP/3)
  • Produced according to Austrian standard B 3023 three-ply concrete formwork panel
  • Light weight

Long service life

Pfeifer 3-layered shuttering panels impress thanks to the high stability and dimensional accuracy. Both longitudinal external layers and the diagonal central layer are glued between them and water-resistant. Swelling or shrinking are almost excluded thanks to this structure. Optional edge protection and a high quality waterproofing impregnation further increase the durability and make stripping and cleaning easy.

The highest internal quality standards and production according to ÖNORM are granted.


Joint-free surfaces for visually beautiful concrete quality

The surface finish of our solid wood panels increase the life duration and allows an easy stripping and cleaning. The smooth surfaces gives furthermore visually beautiful concrete quality and joint-free surfaces. The edge protection with C-profile make solid wood panels more durable.