You can rely on Pfeifer

Our customer relationships are deeply rooted.

Passion is a central part of Pfeifer’s corporate DNA.

For 75 years, our journey – and that of our customers – has been upwards. Through relentless pioneering spirit and dedication, we stand today as a multiple market leader and industry trailblazer, providing a significant advantage in competition.

Imst (Austria), 1948. the forest owners and timber merchants are sceptical. Will Barbara Pfeifer manage the sawmill she has taken over well? Although there are many arguments against it, she does. With every successfully completed order, she earns the trust of her business partners, gives her handshake more meaning.

Soon everyone knew that they could rely on Pfeifer.

In the decades that followed, Barbara and her sons Oskar, Fritz and Bernhard set the foundations for the Pfeifer Group. With every decision, they listen to the customers. While the company becomes one of the largest in the European timber industry.

Now in its third generation of family management, Pfeifer is facing new challenges. Our world has become faster and more complex. A wide range of circumstances, from corona to climate change, are turning wood into a commodity with global demand.

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We know our customers.
And we know what we can do for them.

Through daily contact, we know what pressures our partners are currently under. Our entire team does everything to support you with punctual deliveries and predictable prices.

Did you know?

As a Pfeifer customer, you have numerous advantages. Because Pfeifer is your ...

... Guarantee of economic impact

... engine for joint growth

  • We aim for long-term business relationships with our customers.
  • We pursue the win-win principle in every collaboration.
  • We have a dedicated department for quality management and optimization as well as an ambitious asset management strategy.
  • We continually invest in our locations to further improve.
  • All our products are globally on trend, and the demand for wood products will continue to rise significantly due to the EU's Green Deal. To successfully support this climate-driven shift towards timber construction and renewable energy sources, strong partnerships between the timber industry and all associated sectors are crucial.

... service partner and trusted advisor

  • We are present globally and regularly engage with our customers to understand their wishes and needs.
  • We combine digitized sales processes for enhanced efficiency and offer personal consultation for a partnership on equal footing.
  • We possess industry insider knowledge and share this informational advantage with our customers, e.g., through regular events.
  • Our sales professionals provide comprehensive product and industry advice and integrate you into our successful network.

... ally on the path towards greater sustainability

  • Pfeifer stands for closed-loop systems and 100% utilization of wood resources.
  • Our new waste wood recycling plant in Uelzen complements resource-efficient block production (from mid-2024).
  • Pfeifer is intensely preparing for the increasingly stringent reporting standards for companies concerning the environment, corporate governance, and working conditions.
  • Sustainability is embedded and advanced at every level of our company.

Don’t miss out on these advantages, but instead, benefit — in the future, once again, or continuously — from a strong partnership with Pfeifer!

With this in mind, we will continue to do our best for you. I promise!

Feel free to get in touch with your personal contact at Pfeifer at any time and let's talk about solutions. Just like our founder and my grandmother always did.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Pfeifer, CEO