Good reasons

Registering as a
Pfeifer supplier

The basis of our success is maintaining a good supplier base capable of meeting Pfeifer's demand for goods and services while taking into account sustainability, innovation, costs, quality and risk management.

What do we buy/need?

We place great importance on long-standing supplier relations and good cooperation. Apart from our raw material wood, we need the following in large quantities for our production facilities:

  • Glues, production process materials (emulsions, hardeners, colourings, urea)
  • Starch
  • pallets
  • Packaging film, straps, cardboard and paper
  • Energy (gas/electricity)
  • Mineral oils/lubricants/grease
  • Wood processing systems
  • Electrical and control technology
  • Drives/pumps
  • Hydraulics/ pneumatics
  • Mechanical components and spare parts
  • Environmental technology/recycling
  • Tools
  • Large equipment fleet (excavators, forklifts etc.)
  • Logistics services

Become a Pfeifer supplier

We are always looking for reliable and competent suppliers. Potential Pfeifer Group suppliers can apply using the online questionnaire.

Your registration will be processed via SAP Ariba
and will be available in German, English and Czech.

Registration process

If you would like to find out more about the SAP Ariba Network and the registration process, you can find more information on ARIBA and the registration process here.

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Invoicing channels

In the spirit of sustainability, we prefer invoices in digital form. We expressly point out that we can only accept invoices from suppliers already registered and approved by the Pfeifer Group.

Invoice processing

Purchasing contact

Please use the contact form if you require further information or have questions about the registration process.

Contact form purchasing

Sales contact

Please use the following contact form for sales if you have any questions about our products.

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