The 3-ply panels with tongue and groove

A perfect fit for timber construction

They are versatile and highly sought after on the market: the 3-ply panels with tongue and groove. Launched in 2016, the product represented a major step forward in the development of the Pfeifer Group's product line.

Demanding architectural challenges in interior and exterior construction can be elegantly solved with the innovative tongue and groove ply panels. There are obvious product benefits: They are easy to work with, multifunctional and thus meet 100% of the current requirements in timber construction. Due to the positive market development, the Pfeifer Group has invested in a state-of-the-art plant for the production of ply panels – a so-called double-end profiler – at the Chanovice location. This ensures increased performance and output capacity while maintaining the highest quality and precision during processing.

“The double end profiler allows for a clean perpendicularity. Thanks to the wedgegroove tongue, the panels slide better into each other during laying or can be mounted more quickly”,
 explains Andreas Walter, Area Sales Manager Holzbau Germany, whose feedback from customers has been absolutely positive.

Success is in the detail

The new generation of panels is offered as lengthwise panels and 4-sided laying panels, both with wedge groove and wedge tongue. European spruce (quality B/K) or larch (quality AB/C) is used as top layer, while the middle layer is out of coniferous timber. Both sides of the surface are smoothed, with continuous cover layers as standard. Bonding is waterproof (SWP/3) according to EN 13353, a wood moisture content of 10% +/- 2% on delivery and the professional processing of the top lamellas and middle layer guarantee dimensional stability and low cracking. Production complies with EN 13986, the new tongue and groove panels are tested for harmful substances and PEFC, CE and LGA certified.

Andreas Walter

Area Sales Manager timber construction Germany

“Thanks to the wedge-groove tongue, the panels slide better into each other during
laying or can be mounted more quickly.”

Elegant solution for architectural challenges in interior design and exterior areas.

Leading through experience and know-how

Single and three ply panels have been produced at the Imst location since 1985 and since 2016 at the Chanovice location, for versatile applications in modern furniture construction, interior design and structural timber construction. A production capacity of 3.3 million m² of ply panels annually illustrates the dimension and status of Pfeifer as one of Europe's leading manufacturers. Our round timber is sourced from sustainably and exemplary managed forests. The basis for success is precise wood drying and the highest sorting standards. Modern, environmentally friendly process technologies and systematic quality assurance from round timber to the finished panel guarantee consistently high quality. The production capacities and an intermodal logistics mix ensure high availability and rapid delivery to more than 90 countries around the world.

Chanovice Location & Imst Location