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CoronaVIrus Disease

Michael Pfeifer
CEO Pfeifer Group

Dear customers, valued partners of the Pfeifer Group, we are informing you about the current status of the current corona situation:

  • The productions and deliveries are ongoing in all Pfeifer locations!
  • You can also reach your contacts at Pfeifer.
    In part, we perform our tasks in the home office.
  • Health is the most important thing.
    At the company level we continue to take all possible measures to protect the health of our employees.

We will keep you informed about further developments at the Pfeifer Group on our website.

We wish you all the best, stay healthy!
The Pfeifer Group team

Monday, 27 April 2020 – Update 4

Michael Pfeifer
CEO Pfeifer Group

Without a doubt, the Corona crisis also has an effect on the European timber industry. Nevertheless we are currently operating in a market environment that is much more favourable than that of other sectors of the economy.

Our advantages include a raw material that keeps growing back and even in the age of the Coronavirus we remain a reliable buyer of round timber and source ample round timber from within a radius of approx. 150 km around our locations in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Essential product groups such as bio fuels, packaging timber and pallet blocks are still in high demand. With our delivery capacity we make an important contribution to supplying the public with basic goods. Our production plants respond to export restrictions and short-term reductions in demand with adapted capacities. It’s good to know that confirmed orders are still being dispatched across borders and new orders are accepted at any time! When construction sites are reopened in the important markets of Italy, France and Spain in early May, the demand for Pfeifer formwork products will increase again. For that, we are perfectly prepared and generally able to deliver.

Our contact persons in Sales continue to be available for your enquiries and orders without restrictions! You can consult them at any time via telephone or video conference.

request a telephone or video conference

We remain your reliable partner, even in tough times – with our proven products and direct communication via all channels.

Thursday, 2 April 2020 – Update 3

Michael Pfeifer
CEO Pfeifer Group

The corona pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for the global economy.

And it also hits our industry hard. Production is currently continuing at all eight Pfeifer locations in line with declining demand. We are able to deliver confirmed orders across borders and new orders are accepted at any time.

It goes without saying that we take all necessary measures to ensure the comprehensive protection of our employees and partners. In all areas, the distance rules prescribed by the authorities are strictly complied with while strict hygiene and safety regulations ensure the health of all involved as well as our production capability. Administration and management are available to from home without restrictions.

Especially our product segments biofuels, packaging timber and pallet blocks are of systemic importance in times like these. Our customers produce pallets for the food industry and thus the basis for maintaining the economic cycle, at least in its basic features. The demand for wood briquettes and pellets also remains high. With our ability to supply, we make an important contribution to the basic supply of the population throughout Europe.

We are and remain your strong partner.

Donnerstag, 26. März 2020 – Update 2

Wie im vorhergehenden Update betont, setzen wir in der Pfeifer Group alle notwendigen Maßnahmen zum umfassenden Schutz unserer MitarbeiterInnen und Partner. Diese erstrecken sich auf sämtliche Tätigkeitsbereiche (Produktion, Logistik, Verwaltung) in allen unseren Werken.

Zum Stand 26. März 2020 gibt es in der Pfeifer Group keinen einzigen Infektionsfall mit Covid-19. Die Produktion ist an allen acht Standorten aufrecht. Einzelne Betriebsbereiche, die eine Sicherung von Mindestabständen und räumlicher Distanz erfordern, haben wir auf Kurzarbeit umgestellt.

Mit folgenden Regelungen sichern wir die Gesundheit aller Beteiligten ab und garantieren gleichzeitig unsere Produktionsfähigkeit.

  • Social Distancing
    Die behördlich vorgegebenen Abstandsregeln werden in allen Bereichen strikt eingehalten. So etwa beim Warenversand, wo die MitarbeiterInnen und LKW-Fahrer durch eine Scheibe getrennt sind. Frachtdokumente werden über eine Aussparung weitergereicht. Durch eine Umstellung der Beginn- und Endarbeitszeiten gewährleisten wir einen getrennten Schichtwechsel unserer MitarbeiterInnnen.
  • Nahtlose Kommunikation
    Ein großer Teil des Verwaltungs- und Management-Teams nimmt derzeit seine Aufgaben via Home-Office wahr. Die Ansprechpartner sind über Telefon und E-Mail für Kunden und Partner weitgehend uneingeschränkt erreichbar.
  • Hygiene
    Wir befolgen sämtliche Hygienevorgabe und Empfehlungen zur Desinfektion und kommunizieren diese aktiv. In Produktion, Warenversand und Verladung gilt zudem eine Handschuhpflicht. Weiters haben wir das Reinigungsintervall unserer Sanitäranlagen erhöht. 
  • Sicherheit
    Der Zugang betriebsfremder Personen ist an allen Standorten restriktiv geregelt. Intern überwachen unsere Produktionsleiter die Einhaltung der Maßnahmen. Detaillierte Notfallpläne bilden für etwaige Ausfälle alternative Produktions- und Lieferszenarien ab.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Dear customers and valued partners of the Pfeifer Group,

we would like to inform you about the current status regarding the ongoing corona situation:

  • Production is up and running at all Pfeifer locations!
    At the moment, the movement of goods is exempt from restrictions at national borders. We can therefore continue to deliver confirmed orders to you internationally.
  • Your contact persons at Pfeifer are also available for you.
    We partly fulfil our tasks from home.
  • Health comes first!
    At the corporate level, we take all possible measures to protect the health of our employees.

We will continuously update you on further developments within the Pfeifer Group on our website.

We wish you all the best, stay healthy!
The Pfeifer Group team