Passion for Timber

Forest as climate protection champion

The wood wonder

We exploit the genial properties of wood in all conscience. Because wood...

  • ...among all building materials requires the lowest energy quantity for the production, transport and processing.
  • highly resistant, allows supporting constructions.
  • ...has extraordinary thermal insulation properties.
  • ...grows again and again and therefore there is always a sufficient quantity available.
  • available at regional level.
  • ...represents the larger carbon reservoir through tree photosynthesis.
  • ...through the concept of the cascade use it remains for long time in the utilization cycle, so to protect climate and to increase the added value chain.
  • climate neutral in its disposal and therefore has a positive environmental balance.

Respect for nature

Pfeifer purchases the raw material wood exclusively from sustainably managed forests in Central Europe. This way we give our contribution for an eco-friendly future.

Wood and CO₂

Active climate protection

Why durable wooden products are so climate-friendly, is easy to be explained: trees remove the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, from the air when growing and convert it to carbon and oxygen using sunlight and accumulate carbon in wood. Pfeifer’s products bind this CO2 for many decades and reduce at the same time the consumption of fossil energy resources, from which other construction material are derived.

Building with wood and therefore for an active climate protection.

Facts and figures
  • 21,000 litres of oxygen is the quantity emitted by a 20 meters high spruce per day, the same quantity needed by 35 people to breathe
  • 1 cubic metre wood accumulates the carbon contained in one ton of CO2.
  • About 50% of wood is made of pure carbon. Per each m³ this corresponds to about 250 kg.
  • In Austrian forests there is more than 1 billion cubic metre wood.
  • They contain about 800 million tones carbon . This equals roughly 3 billion tonnes of absorbed CO2 and therefor 35 times the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions in Austria.
  • Every 40 seconds grows wood for one entire single family house in Austria.
  • Austrian forests grow by 5,500 football fields per year

100% utilization

The added value chain at Pfeifer pursues the zero waste principle and is therefore completely close. In other words: the raw material wood is 100-percent used. This is provided not just by general principles of ecology and economy, but it is also our firm an deep conviction.

The resource-saving use of the raw material wood represents our drive and success.


Production without rests

Thank to the video editing optimization, from each log derives as much sawn timber as possible and consequently a wide and durable product range. Rest materials such as sawdust and wood chips are processed by us and turned into pallet blocks or biofuels in the form of pellets and briquettes. In our own biomass heat and power plants we also produce green power. This way Pfeifer stands for the efficient and resource-saving use of the raw material wood.


Certified sustainable forest management and reliable commercial partners are the prerequisites of our constant high quality and rapidly available range. Very modern saw mills and a powerful cooperation of our distribution and production sites ensure constant availability and deliverability.
All over the world. Just-in-time.

Very close wood purchase

We know where and from whom we receive high quality round wood and how this reaches as rapidly as possible its target place. In order to avoid unnecessary transports, our sites are placed in the most forested regions in Europe. So between the cutting and the processing location the linear distance is of maximum 150 km.

our purchase relationships

Logs with family tree –  Our round wood comes from sustainable forestry

Sustainability at Pfeifer